UNIOPTICS CO.,LIMITED is a high tech company specialize in laser safety. We located in Shenzhen, China, and provide protection work for home and abroad customers on laser safety application for a long time. Our laser safety products are widely used in laser industry, laser medical treatment, and laser research, etc.,

     Now our products line including: Laser Safety Glasses, IPL Safety Goggle, Laser Safety Window, Sodium Light    Glasses etc., We walk on the leading edge of laser safety and keep researching and developing all the time. Our LaserPair Brand goggles are sold well both at home and abroad, establish a good brand image, won the customers approval and the praise.

     Our career is to provide the best safety work for our customers, and make them to be protected without blind side from lasers. You choose us is our biggest motive to move ahead, welcome to talk with us.
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GHP 200-540nm
Optical density : 200 - 540nm OD 5+

LB-Rating :315 - 540nm DIRM LB5

Transmittance : 50%

Available : 266nm, 355nm, 515nm, 532nm etc.

Application  : Excimer, Ultraviolet, Green laser, Argon, KTP

According  : CE EN207
YHP 800-1100nm
(High light transmittance)
Optical Density: 800 - 1100nm OD 5+                            1060 - 1070nm OD 7+
LB-Rating: 800 - 1100nm DIR LB5                  1000 - 1070nm IR LB7
Transmittance: 60%
Available for: 808nm, 980nm,1064nm
Application: Dental lasers, Diodes, ND: YAG, Fiber laser
According: CE EN207
RTD-4 630-660nm&800-830nm
Optical Density : 630 - 660nm OD 3+
                             800 - 830nm OD 3+
                             900 - 1100nm OD5+

LB-Rating :  630 - 660nm DIR LB3
                    800 - 830nm DIR LB3
                    900 - 1100nm DIR LB5

Transmittance : 37%

Available for: 635nm, 905nm, 980nm

Application: red lasers, 905&980nm diodes

According : CE EN207
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